Unisec is the indoor air-insulated switchgear for medium voltage secondary distribution. It is suitable, according to maximum ratings and available technical solutions, for a lot of applications : substations , utilities, commercial and residential buildings, smart grids, grid with distributed generations, light industry, hospital, renewable (solar, wind, small hydropower, etc.), marina, transportation, etc.

The Gero’s Group construction department has obtained the productions license and the license UniSec logo for commercial use by ABB. For the license followed the procedures below:

  • project of ABB”s documentation
  • production of prototypes according to the requirement of the standards IEC 6227 1-1 και IEC 6227 1-200
  • submission of prototypew to all the test specified by international standards
  • audit of internal processes and production facilities for the UniSec panels under the requirements of ABB

For the achivement of ABB’s high standards and the quality assurance of UniSec panels, the Gero Group invested in the necessary technological equipment; testing and measuring instruments, tools, infrastructure, and personnel training.

Main components

Gsec  Sf6 – insulated switch-disconnector Circuit Breaker
Voltage transformer Current transformer Current sensors Microprocessor protection devices
Design of UniSec panels

Unisec switchgear features

  • Air insulation of all live parts
  • SF6 switch disconnector
  • Removable vacuum and SF6 circuit breakers
  • LSC2A-PM classification for panels with switch – disconnetor, in accordance with the loss of service continuity definitions and standard IEC 622701-200
  • Complete range of functional units and accessories
  • Wide range of state of the art protection relays, either integrated on circuit-breakers or mounted separately for protection, control and measurement functions

Available versions

  • Arc fault in accordance with standard IEC 6227 1-200. In the IAC AFL arc proof version on two sides (front and lateral) 12,5 kA and IAC AFLR arc proof version on three sides (front, lateral, rear)12,5 kA, 16kA and 21kA.
  • Seismic withstand version in accordance with standard IEEE 693
  • Marine version

Normal service conditions

  • Storage temperature : -5ºC … +70ºC
  • Range of ambient temperature: -5ºC … +40ºC
  • Maximum relative humidity without condensation: 95%
  • Minimum relative humidity without condensation: 95%
  • Altitude :<1000m above the sea level

Degrees of protection

  • For IP 3X enclosure
  • For IP 2X partition between compartments
  • For IP 3X mechanical operating equipment