Light up the green light


The ” Light up the green light now ” enables you to upgrade and replace your existing lighting with high performance LED lights. Replacing existing luminaires delivers up to 70% power savings, upgrading your space, better displaying your products while protecting the environment.

What Are the Benefits of Replacement / Get Out Earned
  • Return on investment
  1. The company has a profit of up to 70%, which relates to the total amount of money savings even during the amortization – repayment.
  2. Non-maintenance cost of LED lighting
  • Guarantee of light bulbs for 3 years from installation
  • Qualitative and aesthetic upgrading of the premises

Better lighting, optimized product visibility and aesthetic upgrading of business premises

  • Free Proposal – Technical Assessment by GERO S.A. without any commitment / obligation
  • Investing with zero fund

No initial fund is needed. 100% financing by GERO S.A. .

The Study, Evaluation

GERO S.A. after study, assesses the existing lighting and how to use energy in your business and calculates the degree of savings savings by replacing existing lighting with the appropriate LED luminaires based on:

  • The operation of the building
  • The areas to be illuminated
  • Hours of operation

In particular:

  • Power consumption with existing lighting
  • Power consumption with the proposed LED illumination
  • Savings per month and year
  • The investment for LED lighting
  • The monthly payments to repay the investment, according to the above data

According to the plan, the savings will finance the upgrading of your lighting and after the repayment period, saving money will be at your company’s disposal.

The repayment

GERO S.A. will provide you with alternative repayment options, depending on your business needs, noting that the monthly repayment amount and the total number of monthly installments for depreciation are determined by the amount of the investment and the amount you earn from the monthly savings