The GERO S.A. recycles…. look in our stores for Lighting Recycling bins and lamps of FOTOKYKLOSIS S.A. as also AFIS S.A. Batteries bins.

Our company in actions for the protection of the environment innovates and places nationwide in our stores, Lighting Recycling bins and lamps of FOTOKYKLOSIS as also Battery Recycling bins – in collaboration with the AFIS program.

Our company proceeded to install lighting, lamps and batteries recycling bins in all stores, our goal is simple, to protect the environment. The era we live in is the time of the great achievements of technology. But the raw materials needs are constantly increasing, and the risk to destroy the environment is continuously growing. Several of the metals we use every day are components of the earth’s crust, and not synthetically prepared chemicals and therefore they are not degraded.

Living organisms absorb them with water, air and food and it is difficult to expel them. This phenomenon is called bioaccumulation, and causes major concern to environmentalists. Several times poisoning events have been reported from time to time in several countries in the past caused by minerals, and some of them, such as cadmium which are considered carcinogenic. The extraction of minerals from the earth’s crust continues, not just to build batteries, lamps but also many other products. By recycling whatever materials can be recycled, we limit the discharge of hazardous sewage in landfills.

Very often accidents occur in landfills, as fires caused by flammable waste. The minerals vaporized during combustion of waste, end up with rain in water and soil. Also, drainage from landfills is a particular problem, as it contaminates the aquifer.

The aim of FOTOKYKLOSIS S.A. is the contribution to the National Recycling and environmental protection to the general framework laid down by Greek and European legislation.

Alongside the FOTOKYKLOSIS system, energy-saving conditions, reducing of the waste volume and generally higher quality and better living conditions for everyone are also created.

By FOTOKYKLOSIS lamps and our lighting can be recycled responsibly, systematically and efficiently, up to 98%, easy and free! .