To meet the increasing needs and customer’s demands, our company created the construction department for the assembly of electrical substations and also medium and low voltage electrical switcboards.


The technical department of the company is consisting of experienced Electrical and Mechanical Engineers who provides studding and design services and also technical support to the customers for issues such as substations, medium and low voltage electrical switchboards and in general topics of electrical installations.


  • To design and produce safe quality products, taking into account the needs and the requirements of each product
  • To train and develop the scientific and technical staff, in order to offer high quality services
  • To closely monitor international developments in the sector, taking in consideration the special circumstances of Greek market
  • To offer innovative and integrated solutions


The facilities, the expertise and the modern equipment, are allowing the design and the manufacture of difficult and complex electrical switchboards. All the processes from the design of the product, the manufacture and the final control, are conducted by experienced and qualified staff, both in low and in the middle voltage products.


The design is supported by CAD programs, which enable fast and flexible design. Complete drawing are used both in construction and for the customer’s technical information. Eventually as built construction drawings accompany and document the final product.


The electrical components that are used are from known manufacturing brands, according to customer specifications. The large advantage in the supply of materials for construction activities is the commercial department of the company. The choice of the materials that will be used in the production is done by the rules of safety and quality of the final product.


The use of standard metal boxes and panels allows great flexibility in the construction, always in accordance with customer’s requirements. The wiring of the electrical switchboards, is carried by qualified electricians. The specialized machinery for the processing of the bus bars allows the configuration without altering their mechanical and electrical characteristics.

Quality control-certification

The company has a quality certificate ISO 9001 for the trading and manufacturing of electrical switchboards. The audit process at all stages of the construction of medium and low voltage switchboards ensure high workmanship, characterizes the finished product